NATTU LATEX PILLOW: 100% Pure Natural Latex


The HIBERIS™ Nattu pillow's raw product is collected in liquid from the rubber tree by hand. It is collected and poured into vats and filtered to remove impurities. Where the latex liquid converts into a flexible latex foam core

HIBERIS™ Nattu pillows are engineered with Pin-hole Design for superior airflow. It prevents moisture build-up. And its open-cell structure allows air to flow through the mattress, keeping it cool while you sleep.

HIBERIS™ Nattu pillows conform to the curvature of the user's neck and spine. Its evenly balanced and soft support provides the ideal loft for proper spine alignment.

The HIBERIS™ Nattu pillow has a natural antimicrobial property and is resilient to dust mites, other allergens, mold, and mildew. 

Nattu pillows are best suited for people who prefer not to be firm or too soft.

The Nattu latex pillows offer the best neck support, making them ideal for anyone suffering from neck and spinal pain.

What Makes HIBERIS™ Nattu Pillows Unique


  • It is 100% Natural
  • A unique pin-hole design with superior airflow prevents moisture build-up.
  • Nattu latex pillow is made of 100% pure natural latex, allowing circulation between the pillow and the user.
  • Nattu latex pillows Have excellent neck support with a total absence of noise.
  • It is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and hygienic.
  • The Nattu latex pillow is naturally breathable, cool, and fresh
  • It is washable, highly durable, and mildew resistant.
  • Nattu natural latex pillow is an eco-friendly and biodegradable product. 
  • Nattu Pillow has a comfortable and soft texture, ensuring fresh nights of sleep. 
  • It is anti-fungal and unfriendly to dust mites.
  • Nattu Pillow responds instantly to your movements, improving your neck posture.
  • Long-lasting durability keeps the user in continuous comfort.

Studies also reveal that natural latex is 300% more resistant to dust mites than any other material.

Our 100% natural latex Pillows conform to OekoTex 100 Class 1 Certificate, a test that certifies ‘children-safe’ material.