About Us

We make the world a better place, one mattress at a time.




Like most people, we were experiencing aches and back pains from not sleeping well for many years. We tried all kinds of mattresses and weren’t happy with them.

It all started on a trip to South America in 2012 when we visited one of my sisters and slept in the guest room—the next day, after waking up refreshed and revitalized, we were curious about what type of mattress we slept on. Then a light bulb flashed in our heads, and we thought, what if there was a way to solve sleep problems for people sleeping on a firm mattress without pressure points? 

When we returned from the trip, we started working on the project to create the “Mattress of the Future.” The idea was to create a firm mattress with a comfortable top surface. 

First, we started working in our home garage after ordering some foam pieces with different densities, including 100% Natural Latex. Then, we added MedFIR Far Infrared Technology to increase sleep quality. So, the invention of a new Revolutionary Orthopedic & Therapeutic Sleep System just began. 

 It took years of studies and medical research to get it ready. Then the invention took place, and a new business was started.

In late 2015, we acquired a small traditional mattress manufacturing company in a 1400-square-foot warehouse. And four years later, in 2019, Hiberis expanded its facility from 1,400square-feet to a 25,000square-feet Warehouse.

That is how the Hiberis empire began.

We are proud to manufacture all HIBERIS® mattresses in the USA

Hiberis produces traditional and, orthopedic & therapeutic mattresses, which we have a “Patent Approved” in 2021. 

Today, Hiberis is a fast-growing company, projected to grow over the next five years and build its new 100,000+ square foot warehouse.

HIBERIS® CORP doesn't do cheap; instead, we make high quality products offered at a fair price

Our commitment to the environment will always be a journey of continuous improvement for a brighter and better future, which means thinking long-term and creatively about solutions to enhancing our business and environmental goals. 

Whether we are developing a new sleep technology, implementing a breakthrough process, or choosing a new supplier, we always maintain a crystal clear mindset, considering the environmental impact of our actions. 

 HIBERIS® world-class team of technicians and sleep specialists love challenges – and they love to deliver the optimal solution for maximum results that provides high-end sleep solutions with a luxurious blend of comfort and support for bodies of every shape and size for its customers.

We work collaboratively and in partnership with our suppliers and customers to set even higher standards for what doing the right thing means – every day.

We will never forget that the company’s history and success have been built on individual consumer satisfaction and loyal customer recommendations, for which we are always extremely grateful.

We are constantly thinking today about tomorrow’s challenges, and we thrive on continual evolution. Nothing makes us happier than when a customer calls to say about their experience in sleep on our mattress.

We aim for everyone to have this amazing mattress because it is not just about sleep; it’s about the moment you wake up, put your feet on the floor, and realize your body has been through a rejuvenating and revitalizing experience through the night’s sleep.