Far Infrared MedFIR™ Technology The key to Good Sleep and Rejuvenation! Renewal, Self-Healing, and Healthy Sleep.

MedFIR™   Far   Infrared   Technology.
The key to Good Sleep and Rejuvenation!

Renewal, Self-Healing, and Healthy Sleep.

MedFIR™ sleep technology is a registered trademark name of PowerMag Therapy Family Group.

MedFIR™ sleep technology improves quality sleep, comfort, fast recovery, performance, healthy lifestyle, well-being, beauty, and general wellness.

MedFIR™ sleep technology is a remarkable invention and revolutionary far-infrared thermo-reactive nanotechnology.


“All living organisms on the planet depend on far-infrared energy.”

For thousands of years, people have known that exposure to sunlight could treat health problems. Sunlight ray is a natural form of infrared therapy. 

Everything on this Planet emits infrared waves; the only difference is the wavelength range. Also, the human body is a source of far infrared that absorbs and emits far-infrared energy.

Far Infrared rays are the invisible rays of natural energy to the naked eye that penetrate the human body and stimulate the nerve fibers.

Once the nerve fibers produce a wave with the same far infrared, it creates a frequency that transmits signals to the spine and brain. 

The signals then activate human cells, promoting local circulation,  self-healing, accelerating the recovery of wounded tissue, and several other benefits.

Therefore, MedFIR is a far-infrared energy emitter of 4-~14 microns; they call it “Growth radiation.” 

Far-infrared energy within this range is healthy and safe; it’s identical to sunlight rays emitted in the early morning and late afternoon. It is the source of a therapeutic effect called vital energy.

Researchers have found that plants and living beings emit or absorb infrared light. 

Our bodies radiate far infrared energy, with the most output wavelength at 9.4 microns. Also, our palms emit FIR energy, between 8 and 14 microns. 'Healing Palm,

Far-infrared rays are naturally healthy, safe, effective, and beneficial for all living beings. Since far infrared products became available in the market in the 1990s, no reported cases of significant side effects or allergic reactions have been reported.

For decades, researchers worldwide have found that far-infrared energy penetrates the inner layers of the skin up to 1.5 inches, accelerating the recovery of wounded tissue and postoperative processes. Reaching muscles, nerves, and even bones promotes the reconstruction of injured tissue and cell growth.

Healthcare professionals and doctors treat humans and animals using infrared thermal therapy technology. 

Countless positive results add such technology to daily use products in the mattress, bedding, and sleepwear industry.

The human body consists of 70% water, and when the water in our body gets older, as we age, it begins to agglomerate, where one molecule joins another, forming a structure called (clusters). These clusters trap toxins and block good nutrients from being utilized by the cells in our bodies. Once far infrared gets in contact with our body's temperature, it produces a molecular vibrational movement in our body's water and blood molecules, generating a fragmentation process of the clusters, breaking them down into minimal groups, which facilitates the exchange of nutrients and the elimination of toxins.

The molecular vibration process detoxifies the body from clusters built up in our blood. And helps rid the body's toxins and metabolic wastes being washed away; consequently, it takes oxygen and nutrients to regenerate all cells.

The vibrational process can remove all free radicals and make healthy cells function correctly. 

This process may increase immunity, reduce nervous tension, and reduce muscle pain.

The MedFIR far-infrared can alkalize our body by making it less acidic, assisting in cell regeneration, enhancing blood circulation, and assisting in self-healing.

Another benefit of MedFIR far-infrared is that it imitates the vitamin-D Sun Rays produce in the early morning and afternoons when its rays are most beneficial.

MedFIR is a far-infrared thermal technology generating outstanding results and rapidly gaining worldwide recognition. 

MedFIR far infrared technology is available in the HIBERIS mattresses. 

The benefits of MedFIR technology are phenomenal beyond the initial feelings of well-being and relaxation. 

MedFIR™ is a thermal-reactive Technology that is found in two different forms of applications:

  • Far Infrared MedFIR™ Yarn Technology
  • Far Infrared MedFIR™ DW4 Bio-Ceramic Technology


    MedFIR™ DW4 Bio-Ceramic Technology.

    It is an innovative nanotechnology combined with natural bio-active minerals, scientifically formulated with a colloidal composition of 32+ additional micro-particles of natural reactive minerals blended and infused into food-grade polystyrene resin small devices and carefully installed on the mattress surface.

    The MedFIR™DW4 Far Infrared Technology is designed to uniformly emit far-infrared wavelengths between 4-~14 microns (micrometer) at high efficiency, excellent transparency, and durability at comfortable temperatures during sleep. Far-infrared wavelengths within this range are healthy, effective, and safe; it is identical to the sunlight emitted in the early morning and late afternoon; it is the source of a therapeutic effect called vital energy.


    The MedFIR DW4 Far Infrared technology efficiently absorbs the human body heat, then converts it into a far-infrared ray and emits that energy back to the body, promoting local circulation and Increased energy with several other benefits. Through their ability to emit infrared energy back into your body, these technologies actively increase sleep efficiency, fast recovery and wellness, and performance levels.

    Compare it to a tennis ball and a racket. The ball hits the racket and transfers its kinetic energy to the racket while deforming. The racket then returns the power to the ball. 

    It is similar to the MedFIR smart tablets minerals; when they absorb the far-infrared energy, the minerals immediately emit it back into the body. 

    The MedFIR DW4 Far Infrared Technology uses a non-electrical heating system with all bioactive minerals. It's a natural device that uses all-natural bioactive minerals that efficiently absorb your body temperature in exchange for Far Infrared energy. No Cables, No Wires are attached to the MedFIR DW4 devices! NO EMFs are emitted from the mattress while sleeping.

    MedFIR™ Yarn Technology.

    The far infrared MedFIR™ Yarn is an exclusive nanotechnology embedded into the polyamide yarn with clear advantages over other technologies.  Its active minerals are permanently embedded into the thread.

    The sleep technology MedFIR™ Yarn is designed to convert human body heat into far-infrared energy and emit them back to the skin, promoting local circulation and Increased energy with several benefits.

    The innovative MedFIR™ Yarn is made with natural bioactive minerals to promote a new level of interaction between the fabric and the skin, which improves local blood circulation and promotes several benefits to the user.


    • Promote quality sleep.
    • Improve local blood circulation and muscle oxygenation. 
    • Increasing the oxygen level and nutrients in the cells,
    • Relaxation and pain management.
    • Assist in cell detoxification
    • Increased performance.
    • Fast recovery.
    • Immunity boosting.
    • Increase metabolism.
    • Enhance sleep efficiency. 
    • Wake up feeling re-energized.
    • Healthy lifestyle.
    • It stimulates the cell renewal process and balances metabolism naturally.
    • Stimulates self-healing and accelerates recovery of wounded tissue.